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Debt & Rating

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As a global company, TRATON uses a broad range of different financing instruments to cover its refinancing needs.

All external and internal financial transactions are solely generated to fulfill financing needs or to limit risks from an actual underlying business transaction and therefore do not serve any speculative purpose. Strong dependencies on particular financial partners are systematically avoided. All financial transactions are concluded under standard market conditions.

A TRATON credit update presentation can be found below.
TRATON SE has several Schuldscheindarlehen in a total amount of €700 million outstanding. The Schuldscheindarlehen have maturities of 3, 5 and 7 years in both fix and floating format. Proceeds of the Schuldschein are for general corporate purposes including the refinancing of subsidiary debt. Similar to the syndicated RCF, the Schuldschein includes sustainability elements (ESG-linked pricing), thereby underlining TRATON’s commitment to sustainability and sustainable business performance.
  Volume  Tenor   Maturity 
  €350 million  3 years   2024/03/04 
  €300 million  5 years   2026/03/03 
  €50 million  7 years   2028/03/03